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  • Fran Allen's Tyger Tyger Picks

    fran allen for tyger tyger

    If you don't know Fran Allen, get thee to instagram right away and follow her @hello.franallen - one of my favourite accounts to follow, her feed is full of colourful, inspirational, and gorgeous dishes! 

    Fran is a holistic Nutritionist and skin therapist based out of Toronto. She gathers inspiration from her knowledge of modern and traditional diets and uses key ingredients to tailor a specific plan for her client’s precise needs. She believes in using food and thoughtful supplementation as the primary resource to help both internally and topically achieve their best skin ever! 

    Here she graciously shares her tops picks from the shop to make you look and feel your best:


    1. Soom Premium Tahini 

    Tahini is a big staple in my house, it’s one of my favorite skin foods. Rich in minerals like Magnesium, Potassium and Iron as well as good quality fats and complete protein it is an essential I reach for daily. The mild flavor works well in both sweet and savoury dishes and makes anything it’s involved with incredibly rich and creamy! I love drizzling over roasted vegetables and grains or adding to energy balls with dates, oats and pepitas.

    soom tahini tyger tyger canada blog, the best tahini you can buy

    1. Eat Grain Laird Lentils

    Lentils are definitely my favorite legumes, love them in soups, salads and grain bowls alike. I love their subtle texture and how they are so good at soaking up rich flavor. Eat Grain are quickly becoming one of my favorite Canadian brands, they stand for  sustainability and canadian agriculture and it’s evident in the freshness and quality of their grains. I love to simmer a pot of lentils with some onion, garlic and herbs and have it ready to go in the fridge for a week of easy meals. Lentils are naturally full of protein, iron and gentle fiber to give you a boost of clean energy and keep you satisfied throughout the day.

    eat grain laird lentils at tyger tyger, the best lentils, grown in Canada, perfect for all your lentil recipes

    1. Folkways Apothecary Golden Glow Herbal Infused Honey

    Raw honey is my skincare secret weapon and this herbal infused honey is always in my pantry. I love adding this to warm lemon water or herbal teas during the day and using it on my skin as a face mask before bed. The active enzymes gently exfoliate my dry skin and help to restore hydration and protection. The tumeric helps to calm down any inflammation and redness that can come during the harsh winter weather. It’s gentle enough to use multiple times per week and leaves me feeling good inside and out.

    folksway apothecary golden glow honey, a turmeric honey to make your skin glow. the best brightening mask and anti inflammatory

    1. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper

    People don’t often consider how important oral health is to our overall well being .In Ayurveda, proper digestion is the cornerstone of optimal health. Tongue scraping is an ancient ayurvedic self-care practice to remove toxins, called ama, from the surface of your tongue, which not only freshens your breath but actually improves digestion.This leaves you with fresh breath and the cleanest mouth feel ever. This is a simple ritual is always part of my morning routine.

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    1. Wildwood Palo Santo Rose Parfum Oil

    This has been my go-to fragrance for years now. It’s much richer and more delicate than a conventional perfume and has none of the harsh chemicals that can contribute to endocrine disruption and hormonal imbalance. I love the mild Palo Santo undertones with the gentle rose scent. It’s a beautiful combination that doesn’t over power. I keep the small bottle in my purse and the roll on is great for easy application on the go. *Unfortunately we no longer sell this item*