• Recipe Zines!

    Recipe Zines!


    Hey Tygers!

    Toronto Artist Mary Elizabeth Di Carlo and I did a little COLLAB since many of us are isolating and looking for extra yummy, simple recipes. I mean, I am almost always looking for this type of recipe whether I'm isolating or not, so...

    Below are the links to the pdf for you to print these on your own. You'll also get to fold them yourself too (haha it's fun!) so you get a little cute zine out of it. 

    I will also be adding these into any outgoing packages (I'll even fold them for you) so take a peep in your next parcel! And if you have any requests for other recipes, let us know! We may have a couple more in the pipeline already...

    Puffy Pillow Pancakes 

    No Knead Pizza Dough



    Some recipes by me, some by others, ALL illustrations by Mary, because she's a star! 

    The recipes are vegan because that's how I roll, but if you don't roll that way, you'll be able to figure out how to use your own ingredients. As someone who owned a gluten free bakery for many years, I feel bad for the lack of gf options here, I kind of went hard into gluten territory. If you sub other flours/pastas into these recipes with success, let me know! xo 

    And if anyone is inspired and you want to collab too, send me an email with any ideas. Let's have fun! 

    (Also I'm not going to tell you your business, but these would be very sweet to colour in)

    Here's how to fold it! <3

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