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  • Super Dope Edibles Part 2: Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Caramel Turtles

    Super Dope Edibles Part 2: Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Caramel Turtles

    This is a freestanding recipe that doesn’t need the canna-coconut oil (just use all regular coconut oil), but it's very yummy and very easy to freeze which I think is a bonus when it comes to edibles. Also, this recipe has been lovingly adapted from one of Meghan Telpner's decidedly non-laced child friendly recipes here 

    Just an FYI that you will have some leftover caramel- you can spread it on toast, put it on your icecream, or just eat it by the spoonful like some people in my household like to do. One tablespoon of the caramel is approx 10mg THC

    Each turtle will contain approx 5mg of THC if you do this recipe exactly as shown (and the weed you used was about 20% THC) 

     Makes roughly 20-24 turtles. I just trust now that everyone you know will want some, so you end up giving half away anyway. That said, feel free to halve this recipe. 

    You will need:

    • 16 dates, pitted OR 1 cup of Soom Silan
    • 1/4 cup Tahini (or nut butter)
    • 2 tablespoons Canna-Coconut Oil
    • 2 tablespoons regular coconut oil
    • 2 tsp vanilla
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 1/2 cup pecans or pretzel sticks 
    • 200g chocolate (chocolate bars or chocolate chips) 

    1. Get a sheet pan with silipat or parchment ready and slide it into the freezer while prepping the other stuff. 

    2. Blend the dates, tahini, both coconut oils, vanilla and salt. I have used both dates and silan and prefer the silan (so much more smooth) but both taste the same! A food processor is probably best for this job, although I have used a vitamix in a pinch as well. Put your finished caramel in a small bowl in the fridge while you melt the chocolate. If you want to do a taste test, do so before adding the canna-coconut oil.  

    3.Make a bain marie for your chocolate melting (or microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so) and melt it all down, being careful not to burn (if you've never melted chocolate before: don't burn it, and don't get any water in it by accident!) 

    As you can see from the pictures, I like the recipe so much that I have literal turtle chocolate molds. I am extra, you can be lo-fi here. 

    4.Pull out your chilly sheet pan from the freezer and your chilled caramel from the fridge. Scoop 1/2 tablespoon portions of the caramel onto the sheet pan and press in your pecans or pretzel sticks like turtle legs. Do this until you've filled your tray, and then use a spoon to pour the melted chocolate onto each little turtle. Slide back into the freezer for a few minutes. 

    5. Take the turtles out of the freezer, flip them on their backs and add addition chocolate to cover their little turtle bellies so you get both sides. 

    6. Let everything set in the freezer, and then remove and put them in an airtight container (which you store in the freezer).

    You can also make this recipe like you would a peanut butter cup, with a muffin pan and some liners. You can make the caramel portion bigger this way as well (1 tbsp will be approx 10mg THC). 

    The caramel softens a lot at room temp so if you leave them out they'll certainly be less "neat". 

    I would also be remiss if I didn't also just add here that for extremely obvious reasons, these treats should be kept away from all children and all pets. 

    If you have any questions, leave a comment, slide into the Tyger DM's or email me at <3 

    Happy Turtling!