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  • The Tyger Tyger Guide to NYC

    The Tyger Tyger Guide to NYC


     If you were watching closely, you may have noticed I took a little trip to New York last week. A few days in this magical City really fills up my cup and I was in need of a little adventure and inspiration after a dreary winter. Since before opening the bakery in 2010 I've tried to make a yearly trek to NYC because I always find something that refreshes me, or reminds me of what I can strive for. My trips often follow the same template of: food food food museum food walking forever vintage shopping food. This trip was no exception. 

    I thought it might be fun to compile some of my current faves, since I'm always curious of what others love to do! I also added some of the products that I brought with me and loved, and some extra suggestions because why not.

    If you have places or things you love to do in New York, please let me know in the comments! 


    The Class by Taryn Toomey - Tribeca

    This was the first time that I had done any kind of movement class in New York. Usually I'm so beat from walking (and all the eating I mentioned) that it just doesn't feel like anything I want to do. BUT, The Class has been on my radar for a couple of years now and my curiosity finally got the best of me. I signed up for "the class" with "the Taryn Toomey" and it was probably the highlight of the trip for me. As a movement teacher, a lot of it felt familiar but exciting. It's a mat class that is heavy in cardio and very music-driven and repetitive. I think the repetition is part of the challenge, we did mountain climbers to a song I use in some of my classes (Take Me Home by Phil Collins) which I *know* is like fucking, six minutes long! But you get into a rhythm. Frustrations bubble up, and you move through it. There's a lot of vocal releasing, shouting, yelling, loud sighs, one guys was growling. After class when I walked back out onto the street I felt stoned on serotonin, it was great. This class was so powerful that Bawitdaba by Kid Rock was on the playlist, and it was totally acceptable and now I'm like, "Should I put Kid Rock on my playlist?" (lol, no don't worry). To note: there are no showers and you will be absolutely drenched in your own sweat. It's fine. 

    Dimes NYC - Chinatown

    I actually went here for lunch right after the Class (sweaty, yes) and it was a great combo! Dimes is a place I'd been really wanting to try, it opened a few years ago and it has more of an LA food vibe (think Sqirl) which is decidedly vegetable-forward. I should state now that I am so picky when I eat out and whether or not I classify it as "good". I would say that about 90% of the meals I've had at restaurants is mediocre (insane right?) and about 10% is exceptional (it's probably even worse for bakeries). Dimes was in that 10% which is why it's here. I had the Big Salad and the cornbread with miso apple butter which is a sweet homage to Angelica's Kitchen (RIP) and immediately made me want to copy it later in some capacity (a big compliment lol). Very low key, great service and also a great companion market and deli just a couple of blocks away! 

    Superiority Burger - East Village 

    Okkkk! This is probably in my top three places to eat on planet Earth. Seriously, it's a non-negotiable. If I was only in New York for an hour, this is where I would go. I've been a fan of Brooks for awhile, and I really love that he came up as a pastry chef. His first cookbook (bakebook?) Fancy Desserts really opened my little peepers to the wide world of making dessert clever. To be clear, I am definitely a baker, not a dessert-maker / pastry chef. There is a distinction here, but a kinship none the less. Anyway, on Mondays, they make these things called TFT's (tofu-fried-tofu) which I had been dying to try forEVER but none of my trips ever coincided with a Monday...until this one! My expectations were insanely high, and somehow were smashed. It was fucking insane. Get thee to a TFT. Also of note, the rabe salad is always 100 and they're dairy free gelato/sorbets (this one was roasted pineapple) are A+++. To note, there are like, 3 chairs inside but you can eat it on a planter outside or there's a park right down the street. 

    BK Flea - Brooklyn 

     A fun little weekend plan if you like second hand stuff like I do. The clothes are great, and there's a different flea on Saturdays and Sundays so definitely check which day you're going. There's a bunch of sweet little trinkets, and obviously a lot of junk as per any "flea" market, but there's also always a bunch of treasures that make me wish I wasn't flying home. Not too cost effective to fly home with a new bed frame. Of the two days, I prefer Saturdays since it's in close proximity to Smorgasburg so you can get a little more bang for your buck in terms of not having to walk as far to see more stuff. Smorgasburg is mainly just for fun, I'm not a big fan of trendy foods like ramen burgers (plus I don't eat meat, dairy or eggs lol) but there's a lot of that there. There's always some options for vegans, gf-ers and the like too so it's worth looking around. Although I did eat some clear gel there one time that was awful, like a clear gel ball? Don't eat that. Oh! And if you do go to the Sunday Flea under the DUMBO archway, do a pop in at the Brooklyn Roasting Co because you'll need an oatmilk latte (duh) for all the exploring, and the cookies they had were very good. 

    Adelina's - Greenpoint, Brooklyn 

     I admittedly had high expectations and had wanted to visit Adelina's for awhile. They specialize in vegetarian Italian food with a natural wine bar and they use Numu cheese which I've been super curious about (a more pizza-friendly non-nut daiya). So, the food is unremarkable (ugh, I hate saying it but it's true!) SO why is it on the list? Because the wine was GREAT! I'm a huge fan of natural wines, I think they're so much fun and so hard for me to find here, and not only did they have a huge selection, but they also have them on tap and you can order a flight of them! So, I highly recommend that. I'm sure there are more convenient and accessible natural wine bars in NYC but I didn't go to them and I don't know about them (so please hook me up if you do!). I don't know, maybe they were having an off night, but certainly the wine was, as the french say, legit. 


    More suggestions I either received or have done in the past that are worth mentioning: 

    AbcV: fancy plant-based "high vibrational" food restaurant

    WOOM: a yoga/meditation studio specializing in stimulating all of the senses. Def wanna go for the Gongasm. 

    Farmer's Markets!: NYC Farmer's Markets are so much fun! A way to explore some regional produce and maybe pick up some unique snacks or local honey. Just remember you can't bring produce across the border. 

    Taim: A little middle eastern counter that has a few locations throughout the city. The harissa falafel was great, but Dave got the cauliflower shawarma and I was very jealous. 

    Seed + Mill: For the halva!


    Products I brought with me that are great for a carry-on: 

    Jade Roller: goddamn this cool jade roller is good. Because of walking 15-20km's a day and eating out exclusively, my face and eyes get really puffy. This helps a LOT and just feels really nice! 

    Living Libations Poetic Pits (Classic): a non-offensive sandalwood roller ball of just pure essential oils that get rid of any funk. Remember how I mentioned that sweaty class I couldn't shower after? I was in the no BO zone, thank you very much. 

    Province Apothecary Invigorating & Balancing Toner: sometimes you need a little midday spritz! Or mid-flight spritz is really nice too. Also if your clothes get rumpled you can do a little spritz on those too to help flatten them and refresh any stale smells. Spritz! 

    Beekeepers Naturals Propolis Throat Spray: Keep that esophagus nice and healthy while you're on a flight or walking around all day in considerable pollution. 

    Living Libations Maiden Fern Blushing Balm: I keep this in my knapsack all the time anyway, but it's nice to pop on a bit of colour if you've been out all day. I try not to wear a lot of makeup anyway, and this is a perfect little punch.