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Les Filles Fattoush Ground Coriander

Known affectionately in this house as Cori, coriander is like the Cumin's best pal. Did you know that a coriander seed is just waiting to be sprouted and grown into a cilantro plant? Perhaps not as bright as cilantro, coriander is a bit deeper, more interesting. That secret ingredient you add to your chili to make it a real banger (is it a secret though?) 
Les Filles Fattoush is based out of Montreal, a small but mighty team of Syrian  women who offer catering, and these incredible pantry staples. 


Avec son parfum d’agrumes frais et son goût légèrement poivré, la coriandre moulue apporte de la fraîcheur à vos plats. Utilisée dans les marinades pour la volaille, les pommes de terre, les carottes ou le chou-fleur, elle rehausse aussi à merveille les poissons.


Ingredients: freshly ground coriander 

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