About Us

Tyger Tyger is a modern variety store dedicated to bringing a little natural magic to your every day life. As an online store, our offerings here are a bit more thoughtful and unique, separated into four categories that can help facilitate a little extra sparkle into your day: Food, Beauty, Plant Magic, and Ritual

Our future goal is to expand into a brick & mortar shop, being able to create the workshop of our dreams where we can all hang out and learn how to do things like make the perfect sourdough, arrange some flowers, or do our taxes. 

Wellness can be a bit of a weird arena, and it’s one of our core goals to make it more inclusive and accessible than it currently is. We are always open to suggestions about how to accomplish this, and are equally interested in constructive feedback about it. 

Tyger Tyger is owned by Ashley Wittig. Ashley co-founded the popular vegan & gf bakery, Bunner’s, in 2010 and is also a MISFITMETHOD movement instructor. When she’s not acting as head tigress, she can be found teaching all over the City. Come dance! 



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