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Everything Good! Bundle


All of the most beloved products at Tyger Tyger all rolled into one beautiful bundle to buy for yourself or someone else! If we had a Greatest Hits album, this would be the track list. Perhaps a bit hyperbolic, but I feel like anyone who has good taste will love this bundle. Don't @ me! 

This bundle contains: 

Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter: An all-natural, Canadian produced peanut butter enriched with plant based fats including coconut oil, avocado oil and MCT oil.

She Wolfe Tarot Deck: The most beautiful tarot deck in all the land! 

Living Libations Best Skin Ever: a cult classic in the natural skincare world, an all-in-one cleanser and moisturizer from Living Libations you can use this one from head to toe.

Tiny Ritual Candle: Each candle comes with a set of suggestions on how to prepare for your ritual, to set your intention, as well as an original Healing affirmation. Let us know what candle intention you choose in the notes section at checkout! 

Soom Chocolate Tahini Halva Spread: If nutella and halva had a baby, this is probably what you would get.

Les Filles Fattoush Za'atar: Made in Quebec, this is the best za'atar on the planet! 

Activist Manuka Honey 300+: Medicinal honey that is super potent in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Taken to boost your immunity, can be used as a face mask, on cuts, and right off the spoon! 

Sunpotion Tocos: a super-rich source of fat-soluble natural vitamin E and is widely recognized as being exceptional for connective tissue and skin. Vitamin E is also important for healthy muscle function.

Teomati Copal Incense Sticks: Copal is a resin derived from the sap of a tree in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It has a rich and spicy smell reminiscent of church.

The retail price of all these goodies is $286, but bundled up together it's $245


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