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Teomati Sacred Copal Incense Sticks


Handcrafted from pure Mexican copal resin, these sticks can burn for more than 90 minutes, so you can use one all at once, or put it out and relight another time.

Copal is a resin derived from the sap of a tree in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It has a rich and spicy smell reminiscent of church.

Copal, when burned, produces a white smoke that Native Mesoamericans associate with Iztacteteo or “White Gods.” These gods, in turn, are believed to aid in the communication between humans and the Great Mystery. The column of white smoke created by copal burning represents the cosmic axis out of which the universe and all its creatures emerged and acts as the connecting thread between the worlds, between heaven and earth. The burning of copal calls upon the wisdom of the heart of all things and symbolizes the Mysterious center ever pulsating toward greater consciousness and connection.

Contains 8 long-burning incense sticks


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