the Glow Up Bundle | Tyger Tyger X the Goods -

the Glow Up Bundle | Tyger Tyger X the Goods


We've partnered up with our pals at the Goods to offer this little bundle! Perfect for anyone who loves all things healthy and fresh (self included, obviously!) 

This bundle contains: 

  • $25 Gift Certificate for the Goods on Roncesvalles- Toronto's best salad, soups and smoothies! 
  • Activist Manuka Honey 100+: A great addition to teas and toasts, this manuka honey is high in methylglyoxal, one of the most potent anti-inflammatories out there. Great for keeping immunity in tip top shape (can also double as a face mask!) 
  • Province Apothecary Glow Facial Dry Brush: a soft-bristled brush to lightly exfoliate and get the lymphatic fluids flowing in your face to reveal a lovely glow! Great to use in the morning before applying all your lotions and potions. 

The retail price of all these goodies is $168, but bundled up together it's $150

If you want to add on a little somethin' extra, the Radiant Body Oil or Copper Tongue Scraper would be excellent. 

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