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Wildwood Druid Dry Shampoo

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A light and refreshing herbal powder to gently cleanse and add volume in-between washes. Completely free of corn starch and talcum. On dry hair, directly sprinkle a small amount of powder throughout the crown or gentle apply with a dry and fluffy makeup brush - massage until evenly distributed. Contains Horsetail which is rich in silica and excellent for repairing and nurturing hair growth, preventing thinning and dandruff and increasing shine.

Our little Tyger Tyger tip is to add a few sprinkles before going to bed, to let it absorb throughout the night!

WILDWOOD is a grassroots apothecary and herbcraft studio creating healing care potions, infused with magic in the heart of Wellington County. Their herbs and flowers are grown organically on their small family farmstead, wild gathered, or sourced sustainably and ethically. Each potion is lovingly hand-blended in the sunny studio of their rural stone cottage built in 1880.


Organic Ingredients: kaolinite (white clay), maranta arundinaceae (arrowroot), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), equisetum ravens (horsetail), citrus sinesis (orange peel), oryza sativa (rice powder), salvia apiana (white sage), mentha aquatica (water mint), mentha peperita (peppermint).


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