Honey Pie Goldenrod Muscle Balm

goldenrod muscle balm, like the new tiger balm. Rub into sore muscles for relief. This is the best muscle cream.

Rub this salve on all sore muscles. It’s not spicy or icy but it really works! Goldenrod works as a pain reliever in this case, but is also great for wound healing! Its analgesic, antiseptic, disinfectant, and anti-microbial actions all assist the body in healing quickly.

Handmade by Honey Pie Hives & Herbals in Prince Edward County, using herbs from their own farm and beeswax from their hardworking honey bees.

Ingredients: hand-gathered goldenrod flowers steeped in certified organic sunflower oil from Le Moulin des Cèdres in Quebec with beeswax and lavender essential oil.

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