Heart Felt Herbal Rose Petal Infused Honey

folkways apothecary heart felt herbal infused honey uses rose petals hawthorn berries and lemon balm in local manitoba honey. herbal medicine at it's finest, only at tyger tyger

A nourishing, restorative blend of cardiac, nervine herbs infused in raw Manitoba honey to support this wise and tender organ and its vital flows. Handmade on a farmstead in Clearwater, Manitoba. Carissa who owns Folkways Apothecary uses homegrown and foraged herbs almost exclusively which lends a real thoughtfulness to each product.

Use alone or in an elixir or smoothie (or oatmeal, or toast, or…) for heart health

Ingredients: Raw Honey infused with Wild Rose Petals, Hawthorn Berry and Blossom, Damiana, Lemon Balm

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