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Wildwood La Lueur CoQ10 Illuminating Facial Serum

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La Lueur Illuminating Serum contains natural silicate minerals, for the most subtle, radiant glow. This one all organic deeply nourishing serum is made for those with normal to dry or mature skins. 

Our natural levels of CoQ10 decline as we age, resulting in a decrease in our bodies ability to produce college and elastin. This naturally occurring enzyme deeply delivers valuable antioxidants, and is an essential component of supple, radiant skin, which can help to minimize fine lines and creasing.

Gently shake bottle and apply 3-4 drops on a freshly washed, slightly damp face in the morning and evening. Press serum into warm skin and massage in a circular motion. 


Organic Ingredients: fig, jojoba seed, rosehips, borage leaf, evening primrose, black cumin seed oil, lemon balm, almond, camellia seed, tamanu, frankincense, sweet orange, CoQ10 enzyme, natural glowing minerals. 


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