Mr. Sun Vitamin D Body Oil -

Mr. Sun Vitamin D Body Oil


This unscented body oil goes on smooth and brings a pep in your step with it's vitamin D additives. 

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when we expose our skin to sunlight (a little hard to come by in our Northern Winters). It's main job is to make sure we absorb calcium and phosphorus correctly to keep our teeth and bones strong, keep our immune system ticking along, and maintain muscle strength. Calcium also plays a big role in the production of hormones in the body by transmitting nerve impulses to the brain, which is why it's also been suggested that vitamin D helps to gives our mood a boost! AND as a bonus, it's best taken transdermally (through the skin!) for maximum absorption. 

Mycobacterium vaccae is a bacteria found in soil. As we have evolved, many of us have lost our connection with the earth (literally!) and the bacteria that our microbiomes have co-evolved with. Think of this as an immune booster on a cellular level, a reintroduction to an old friend that our increasingly sterile lifestyles have distanced us from. 

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, Vitamin D3, & mycobacterium vaccae. (Vitamin D3 is from vegan sources) 

3.4oz / 100mL

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