Sun Potion Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (Organic) -

Sun Potion Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (Organic)

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Cordyceps is a potent adaptogen that has been used to support mental power, athletic endurance and as an immune booster to treat coughs and colds. 

Traditionally, this is a fungus that lives on caterpillars in the high mountainous areas of China, however, Sun Potion reproduces the fungus in a specialized lab sans caterpillars (phewph!) and instead allows the cordyceps to be a bioavailable nutrient source grown on milo grain.

Use 1/2 tsp in your morning elixirs or coffee as a stimulating start to your day. Great for super busy people that need some extra support. 

Approx. 100 servings per jar. 

Ingredients: organic cordyceps


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