Sun Potion Shea Butter Travel Ally Edition (Wildcrafted) -

Sun Potion Shea Butter Travel Ally Edition (Wildcrafted)


This is the travel ally edition. Same product in a much smaller package with a smaller price tag. Perfect for travelling (of course) and for trying out before committing to the big one. Also great for on-the-go moisturizing to keep in your bag! 


Shea Butter is made from the nut of the Shea-Karite tree which grows in the tropical regions of Africa. The Shea -Kaite Trees take at least 15 years to produce shea fruits which are then stored, dried and crushed. This butter is 100% chemical-free & safe to eat (though probably doesn't taste too great, best to keep it on the skin). 

Shea butter is super rich and creamy making it perfect for keeping the skin super hydrated. Sinks in and allows the skin to breathe while pulling in and holding onto moisture.  

Sun Potion has partnered with WildiZe Foundation to source this Wildcrafted & Fair Trade Shea Butter. Proceeds go directly to community and wildlife conservation projects in Ghana, you can visit to get a bit more info on this work! 



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