Super Calm Bundle | Tyger Tyger X NOHA -

Super Calm Bundle | Tyger Tyger X NOHA


A beautiful gift for all the folks in your life who need a chill pill (yourself included). Start 2020 off right with a little meditation in your life! 

This bundle contains: 

  • 2 Meditation Candles: each candle burns for 40 minutes. Meditation candles can be used as a point of focus (rather than closing your eyes) while meditating! Made in the County with fresh local beeswax. 
    • Downloadable 15 minute Body Rest Meditation that will connect you to one of 3 affirmations: Rest, Rejuvenation + Dream State. Guided by Natalie Matias

    The regular retail price of all these goodies is $90, take $15 off when everything is bundled up


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