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Witch Starter Pack


Everything you need to get your witchy lifestyle in order! Spicy incense, the most beautiful tarot, a palo santo oil, and a protection candle! I literally can't think of a better gift for the wild woman in your life (including you, babe). 

This bundle contains: 

  • She Wolfe Tarot Cards: the most gorgeous tarot deck ever! Designed in Canada, exploring universal archetypes through the lens of the divine feminine. Comes with a 200 page guidebook.
  • Tiny Ritual Protection Candle: Also made in Toronto! These candles are used for intention setting around boundaries and protection. Each candle comes with a set of suggestions on how to prepare for your ritual. 
  • Incausa Breu Resin Incense Sticks: Breu is a resin extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest. Used in healing rituals to ward off dark spirits and invite good energy

The retail price of all these goodies is $171, but bundled up together it's $150

If you want to add on a little somethin' extra, the Juna Moontime Tea would be an excellent addition 

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